Wall Street Docuseries 'The Con' Set for Virtual Premiere (Exclusive)

Wall Street - Getty - H 2019

Abramorama will use ABCinemaNOW for a live-streaming premiere on Aug. 5.

Abramorama is set to give the five-part financial crime documentary series The Con a virtual premiere and a global digital release.

ABCinemaNOW will host the virtual premiere on Aug. 5 of the series' first episode about the human cost of the 2008 financial crisis. That will be followed by a two-week exclusive streaming run in North America from Aug. 7 and a targeted digital rental release on Aug. 21.

The Con, which has dropped its first look trailer, chronicles Wall Street greed that nearly took down the economy of first-world countries. The docseries will also expand to multiple platforms in October.

"The tragic story of 91-year old African American Addie Polk puts a human face on the grotesque theft of property and dignity perpetrated at the highest levels of the financial industry. Finally, The Con is here to name names," Abramorama principals Richard Abramowitz and Karol Martesko-Fenster said in a statement.

The five-parter comes from writer/director Eric Vaughan, producer Patrick Lovell and executive producer Adam Bronfman as it exposes fraudulent practices like the home loan mortgage crisis; massive credit card debt, student loans and auto loans; and the revolving door between finance and government that colored the 2008 crisis.

That financial meltdown just over a decade ago continues to resonate in U.S. politics for the billions of dollars in government bailouts that were handed out to companies deemed "too big to fail," including insurance giant American International Group Inc and automaker General Motors.

“We went into this expecting to create an in-depth feature documentary about the causes and effects of 2008, but once we started piecing the story together it became apparent that the story was far too big for one ninety-minute feature. The Con is a culmination of six years of work putting together the entire true story of the Great Financial Crisis and how the corrosive energy of the forces at work imperil us to this very day," Vaughan and Lovell said in their own statement.

The Con is a Mighty Bum, The Adventure Core Productions and Red Point Digital production.