Walter White Doll Heads to Space, Goes Viral (Video)


Footage of the "Breaking Bad" character ascending to 85,000 feet has amassed nearly 800,000 YouTube views.

Walter White doesn't tread lightly in this video.

A doll of the Breaking Bad character recently floated into space attached to a balloon — and Walt's trip was thanks to a marketing stunt from tvtag.

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"It was sort of our way expressing our sadness that breaking bad wasn't around anymore," Johnny Galbraith, who was part of the team, tells The Hollywood Reporter

Footage from the space flight has attracted nearly 800,000 views since being uploaded Monday. Walt started off in a Utah park, reached 85,000 feet, faced -65F temperatures and then landed 300 miles away. The resulting footage is surprisingly emotional.

"We could have hammed it up, but we felt this was incredibly beautiful and majestic footage," Galbraith says. "It just felt right to put it in that tone as opposed to sort of a running with the puns and memes of Breaking Bad."

We are sure the great Heisenberg would approve.

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