Wanda Sykes Attacks Donald Trump Over Obama Comments


"He's not happy unless he's relevant in some way," the actress-comedian says, adding that she would never appear on Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice."

Add Wanda Sykes to the growing list of stars angry with Donald Trump.

The actress-comedian is the latest to attack the Celebrity Apprentice star over his comments about President Obama.

"He's not happy unless he's relevant in some way," Sykes told the Vancouver Sun. "He wants people to be talking about him. I thought he would be happy enough to finally have a decent season of Celebrity Apprentice but, you know, he had to make a little bit more noise than that, I guess."

She added that she refuses to watch Trump's NBC reality show, much less ever appear on it.

"I would never want to be on that show," she says. "If I wind up on that show, it's all over for me, I really messed up. I killed somebody. I murdered a whole family."

Trump has repeatedly questioned Obama's birth certificate as well as his grades. Among those who have spoken out against the real estate mogul are Jerry Seinfeld, Robert De Niro, Whoopi Goldberg and CBS News' Bob Schieffer. 

On Thursday, the African-American political advocacy group ColorOfChange launched a Twitter-based campaign to persuade black Celebrity Apprentice cast members Star Jones and Lil Jon to denounce Trump for what the group terms "race-baiting."