Wanda Sykes Urges White People to Protest: "We Can't Do It Alone"


"We need white people to tell white people to stop being racist because when we do it, obviously it's not working," the comedian said during Thursday's episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Wanda Sykes explained why white people need to participate in the Black Lives Matter movement during Thursday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On Monday, Sykes posted a video on Instagram explaining why white people need to "step up" and address systemic racism.

"I was already just so frustrated and angry," she told Kimmel about posting the video. "We're just tired of this, man. It's like we just keep going back and it's the same thing over and over again. And I think this one, it just, it was it." She added, "It was like, 'Enough.'

"I just had to do something. It's like, we can't do it alone," she said of the black community's fight for equal treatment and against police brutality.  "We're out there marching and asking for change. You know, we need white people to do it. We need white people to tell white people to stop being racist because when we do it, obviously it's not working.

"It's like the person that's kicking your butt, you can't ask us, 'Hey, why can't you make them stop kicking your butt?' It doesn't work like that," said the comedian, who was wearing a shirt that read "Phenomenally Black."

Kimmel noted that he saw videos from a protest in Manhattan Beach, California, that was made up of mostly white protestors.

"This is different. You can feel it. You can feel this is different," she said of the recent protests compared to other racially charged movements in the past. "You see white people out there and I guess we just had to tell y'all, 'Hey, it's OK. You can march. Just because it's Black Lives Matter doesn't mean we don't want you involved. We need you involved.'"

"I see that just in my neighborhood," Sykes said about activism she's seen from both black and white people. "I had to go to the grocery store and it was a bunch of white kids on the corner, you know, and some black kids too, and they were out protesting and it's just beautiful. Beautiful to see."

She concluded, "I think we are going to see some movement."

Watch the full segment below.