Most Wanted Matrix: Comic Leads & Family Values

2012-29 FEA A-List Matrix Infographic Comic Lead P IPAD

Matrix Infographic Comic Lead P IPAD

Christian Bale: While seeing Bale's name in the villain category might look odd, it's worth remembering that he broke out in American Psycho. Actors such as Bale, Fassbender and Gordon- Levitt, pop up on studio wish lists for villains.

Kate Beckinsale: It seems like only yesterday that Beckinsale was staking vampires while wearing a painted-on catsuit. But her role as Colin Farrell's wife in Total Recall -- along with the international popularity of her Underworld series -- has made her marriage material.

Patrick Stewart: Mysterious. Perhaps the recent Blu-ray editions of Star Trek: The Next Generation (and mini- theatrical release) are reminding people of his avuncular qualities. Besides, who doesn't like a mentor with a lush British accent?