Most Wanted Matrix: Heroes & Villains

2012-29 FEA A-List Matrix Infographic Hero P IPAD

2012 - 29 FEA A-List Matrix Infographic iPad

Channing Tatum: His The Vow-21 Jump Street- Magic Mike trifecta has put Tatum on the list twice (joining Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Amy Adams in the Multiples Club). But Will Smith -- despite the fact that his last nonfranchise hit was 2008's Hancock -- still rules.

Anne Hathaway: Until this summer, things had been a little dicey for Hathaway: Neither Love and Other Drugs nor One Day stuck with audiences. But her saucy Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, and the Les Miserables trailer, reminded people what she's capable of.

Brad Pitt: Moneyball seems to have put Pitt in mind for more than just the leader of the pack: He also is perceived as someone who can play Yoda to an upstart, much in the way his Oakland A's GM schooled Jonah Hill's newbie on the art of the game.ho doesn't like a mentor with a lush British accent?