Warblers 'Glee' Album: A Track-by-Track Account From the Beelzebubs


Members of the Tufts a capella group talk to THR about each track from the new "Glee" compilation, "Glee: The Music Presents the Warblers," in stores Tuesday.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the real-life collegiate a cappella group, the Beelzebubs, that lends its voices to Glee’s Dalton Academy Warblers.

Members of the group Penn Rosen, Kent McCann, Eli Seidman and Evan Powell – along with Bubs alum Ed Boyle, who arranges the Warblers’ songs – shared stories and thoughts about the songs on Glee: The Music Presents the Warblers, which hits stores Tuesday.

The album features 12 songs with the Beelzebubs’ vocals, including two a cappella covers that were originally arranged and sung by the Beelzebubs long before they entered the mainstream with Glee. “Bills Bills Bills” appeared on the Bubs’ 2001 album Next, and “When I Get You Alone” was recorded for their 2007 album, Pandemonium.

The Beelzebubs recorded all of its songs in Somerville, Mass., except for “Teenage Dream,” which was recorded in New York. The album also includes “Blackbird,” sung by Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) to the Warblers.

The Beelzebubs recount the songs featured on the compilation:

“Teenage Dream”
original song by Katy Perry
aired Nov. 9 in episode “Never Been Kissed”

Penn Rosen: “Ricky Martin was recording next door and it was just such a hilarious moment for me where we just went over and said, ‘Hey, you want to come listen to what we're working on?’ And he and his producer Desmond Childs came in and listened and were just really nice to us and very congratulatory. I was just expecting at any point for someone to come in and be like, ‘You guys are a college a cappella group. Get out of here. How'd you sneak in?’ or tell me I was dreaming or anything like that.”

“Hey Soul Sister”
original song by Train
aired in Nov. 30 episode “Special Education”

Rosen: “It’s really hard to emulate a mandolin with your voice. That proved to be a bit difficult, but I think it worked out. And we had way more high voices on that track than are actually in the group. That was having some of the guys who have really high voices track a couple times.”

“Bills, Bills, Bills”
original song by Destiny’s Child
aired in Feb. 6 episode “The Sue Sylvester Shuffle”

Eli Seidman: “The original sololist we had on [the Beelzebubs cover in 2001] is just phenomenal. We were a little nervous just going into it because we had our original soloist in mind, thinking, ‘Will Darren be able to top that?’ And he killed it. He hasn’t had a misstep yet.”

Ed Boyer: “I arranged that when I was a freshman. I did the percussion stuff on it. The guys who’s still one of my best friends did the solo, so when they wanted that song, it was kind of crazy because it was a song that I’d known for ten years and pictured my friends singing way back in the day.”

“Silly Love Songs”
original song by Paul McCartney
aired in Feb. 8 episode “Silly Love Songs”

Seidman: “It was just a really, really warm, fun song. It wasn’t a big new song, but it was kind of classic, and I think it resonated with a lot of people.”

“When I Get You Alone”
original song by Robin Thicke
aired in Feb. 8 episode “Silly Love Songs”

Kent McCann: “Along with ‘Bills Bills Bills,’ that’s really one of the great solos in Bubs history. But I think Darren Criss did a great job and we couldn’t have asked for more. And that scene in the Gap was awesome.”

original song by Neon Trees
aired in March 8 episode “Sexy”

Rosen: “The bubble machine was the coolest. And it was cool that they finally got some girls in a shot with the Warblers. We need to invest in a bubble machine.”

original song by Maroon 5
aired in March 15 episode “Original Song”

McCann: “That was one of my favorite arrangements by far. That’s one that I think definitely could do really well in our [repertoire]. I know it was a very, very popular song when it debuted on Glee.”

Seidman: “The baseline for that is really fun. Sometimes you get these songs where you just have to be singing ‘doong, doong, doong, doong’ the whole time, but [‘Misery’] has kind of a funky base to it. It was fun just to be able to go into the studio and listen to the arrangement a few times and be able to take a few liberties to make it sound more organic.”

original song by Hey Monday
aired in March 15 episode “Original Song”

Boyer: “That was probably the one song where nobody in the group had any idea what it was before. When you’re working on a song that’s really popular, you really have to take into consideration people’s expectations. You don’t want to disappoint. With ‘Candles,’ I felt we could kind of do whatever we want. So that was a little refreshing, although at the same time, it’s totally uncharted territory.”

“Raise Your Glass”
original song by P!nk
aired in March 15 episode “Original Song”

Boyer: “It’s similar territory to ‘Teenage Dream’ – they wanted it to be anthem-like. One of the things we did for ‘Raise Your Glass’ was when you get to the chorus and it just needs to be really big, having lots of guys go in the studio at once – maybe five or ten guys around the microphone – and just shout the big chorus parts almost like people at a rock concert or athletic event.”

“Somewhere Only We Know”
original song by Keane
to air in April 26 episode “Born This Way”

Boyer: “When we recorded it, the latest we'd heard from the show was that they were considering having the New Directions. So we kind of had to make a version where it could work with or without additional parts. So that's always a little interesting, cause you're kind of guessing as to what the final product is.”

“What Kind of Fool?”
original song by Barbra Streisand
performed on Feb. 11 at MusiCares on

Evan Powell: “We weren’t actually [at MusiCares], but to be a part of a project celebrating such an unbelievable performer is great for us.”

“Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”
original song by Rod Stewart
previously planned to air in March 8 episode “Sexy”

Rosen: “That was so much fun to sing that song! A lot of dreams came true when [the producers] asked for that one.”