Warner Archive to Distribute Sony Titles

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have teamed up on a venture that will see select SPHE titles offered on WBHEG’s Warner Archive Collection.

Both studio divisions offer online, manufacture on-demand programs - Sony’s is called Screen Classics by Request - which sees titles from the studios’ vault turned into DVDs only after consumers order them via the Internet. Warners began theirs in 2009 while Sony’s was announced last September.
The movies, TV shows and mini-series offered are considered “deep catalog titles,” titles that considered somewhat niche but sought-after by cinephiles.  
Beginning April 13, about 150 titles from Sony’s program, called Screen Classics by Request, will be available on www.warnerarchive.com. Among the titles are Genghis Khan, A Song To Remember and A Study In Terror.
“This is yet another exciting opportunity for us to provide even more films to aficionados and collectors, who have voracious appetites for the classics, and who value them for entertainment, historical context and collectibility,” said Warner Bros. Digital Distribution president Thomas Gewecke. 
“This is another step in the execution of our multi-platform distribution strategy to cultivate the market for the remarkable films in our vault,” said SPHE’s John Calkins, SPHE’s executive vp, global digital and commercial innovation.