Warner Bros.: Burnishing its 'Legend'

2007 boxoffice: $1.42 bil | Market share: 14.7%

Warner Bros., which dipped to an uncharacteristic fourth place in market share in 2006, sprung back to second thanks in part to Harry Potter's return. The boy wizard was missing from the studio's 2006 slate but returned to action with "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," the second-best domestic grosser in the series. The March release of "300" proved more muscular than anyone expected, the summer escapism of "Ocean's Thirteen" crossed the $100 million mark without breaking a sweat, and Will Smith delivered the coup de grace as the long-in-development "I Am Legend" paid off with a whopping $206.1 million by year's end. As the new year begins, production head Jeff Robinov, ascending to a new post as president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, promises more of the same.

Warner Bros. 2007 boxofficeRelease dateBoxoffice
Music & Lyrics2/14     50.6
The Astronaut Farmer2/23     11.0
3003/9    210.6
TMNT3/23     54.1
The Reaping4/5     25.1
In the Land of Women4/20     11.0
Lucky You5/4      5.8
Ocean's Thirteen6/8    117.1
Nancy Drew6/15     25.6
License to Wed7/3     43.8
Harry Potter/Order of the Phoenix7/11    292.0
No Reservations7/27     43.1
The Invasion8/17     15.1
The Brave One9/14     36.8
The Assassination of Jesse James9/21      3.9
Blade Runner (reissue)10/5      1.2
The Polar Express (reissue)10/5, 11/17/06      2.4
Michael Clayton10/5     39.2
Rails & Ties10/26        0.02
Fred Claus11/9     71.4
August Rush11/21     30.2
I Am Legend12/14     206.1
P.S. I Love You12/21     27.9
The Bucket List12/25     0.9
Deep Sea 3D3/3/06     11.8
The Departed10/6/06     11.9
Happy Feet11/17/06     19.7
The Fountain11/22/06       0.2
Unaccompanied Minors12/8/06      1.3
Blood Diamond12/8/06     19.8
The Good German12/15/06      0.8
Letters From Iwo Jima12/20/06     13.4
We Are Marshall12/22/06     16.1