Warner Bros. to Chop Up Movies Into Easily-Searched Clips

Any Clip Screen Grab - H 2011

Any Clip Screen Grab - H 2011

A deal with AnyClip will involve classics like "Casablanca" and "The Wizard of Oz," as well as some contemporary favorites.

Warner Bros. has signed with AnyClip, a company that slices full-length movies into a series of clips and makes them searchable by dialogue, music, actors, props and other criteria.

The deal is AnyClip’s first with a major studio since it signed with Universal in March.

AnyClip’s business model involves letting consumers watch and even use movie clips on their blogs, Facebook pages and what have you, while also pitching the purchase or rental of the movies.

Details of the Warner Bros. relationship weren’t disclosed, though typically AnyClip shares revenue with the studios it strikes deals with.

Warner Bros. didn’t disclose how many films it will supply to AnyClips, though some of the titles are Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, The Shining, Dirty Harry, 300 and some of the Harry Potter and Batman movies.

“Hundreds more will be added over the next couple of months,” an AnyClip spokesman said.

The deal, set to be announced today, coincides with a revamping of the AnyClip website to include more advertising and a way to purchase the music featured in the movie clips.

AnyClip has rights to 12,000 films not only from Warner Bros. and Universal but also Vivendi Entertainment and several independent distributors.