Warner Bros. Offers 'Dark Knight,' 'Inception' Downloads via Apple Apps

Warner Bros. Pictures

The launch, which marks the first time that movies are available on Apple devices outside of the iTunes Store, will also allow the studio to sell films in countries without a digital movie store.

NEW YORK - Time Warner's Warner Bros. is looking to garner online movie sales on Apple devices in 35 countries, including in 23 that don't offer them through iTunes, the LA Times reported.

This marks the first time that movies are available on Apple mobile devices outside of the firm's iTunes Store.

The studio is starting with two Christopher Nolan-directed blockbusters. Warner Bros. on Wednesday is launching so-called "app editions" of Inception and The Dark Knight, the Times said.

Consumers with iPhones, iPads or an iPod touch can download the app for free. The download includes the first five minutes of the movies along with games, trivia, and other material.

The full movie carries the standard iTunes prices of $9.99 for Dark Knight and $11.99 for Inception in the U.S.
Overseas prices range from$7.99 for Dark Knight in some European countries to $23.99 for Inception in New Zealand.

The new offer allows Warner Bros. to sell movie downloads in a number of markets,  including such fast-growing theatrical markets as China and Russia, but also Greece, Hungary, Portugal and the Czech Republic, without having to wait for Apple to launch a full digital movie store, the Times highlighted.

"We think this is an innovative way to build a global footprint on devices that are optimized for video viewing," Thomas Gewecke, president of digital distribution for Warner Bros., told the Times.