Warner Bros. Postpones Ukraine Release of 'Jupiter Ascending'

Jupiter Ascending Kunis Tatum Flying - H 2014
Warner Bros.

Jupiter Ascending Kunis Tatum Flying - H 2014

The move was caused by "internal issues" at the licensee.

The Ukrainian release of Warner Bros.' Jupiter Ascending, originally scheduled for Feb. 6, was postponed amid a dispute among the distributor's shareholders.

"Warner Bros. Pictures releases are being postponed until internal ‎issues at the licensee are resolved," a Warner spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter but would not provide any further details.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian media reported that internal issues at Kinomania, the country's third largest film distributor, arose from a dispute between the company's main owners, tycoon Sergei Taruta and Alexander Tkachenko, general director of the Ukrainian broadcaster Studio 1+1.

The dispute resulted in the departure of the company's longtime general director Tatiana Koval and several other employees, the Ukrainian online newspaper Hubs reported.

"I can assure you that the blame for cancellation of Jupiter Ascending's opening in Ukraine should not be put on Kinomania's former employees, or Warner Bros., or political issues," Vitalina Pisotskaya, a former employee of Kinomania's exhibition department, was quoted as saying by the Ukrainian newspaper Kapital.

Kinomania could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.

Incidentally, Tkachenko and Taruta are also partners in two other film industry projects: the movie theater chain Linia Kino and Odessa Film Studio.

Warner's next release in Ukraine, American Sniper, was scheduled for March 5.