Warner Bros. Taps Young Scribes for Facebook-Inspired Drama (Exclusive)

Twentysomethings Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger broke into the biz with a social media spec, and are now adapting "The Future of Us."

For proof that in Hollywood, youth is king, consider writing partners Isaac Aptaker, 24, and Elizabeth Berger, 26.

The duo broke into the biz three years ago with the Facebook-inspired romantic comedy spec Lauren Pemberton Is No Longer in a Relationship. They quickly won over execs with their fresh insight into the finicky youth demo, scoring jobs on NBC's short-lived Friends With Benefits that made them the youngest staff writers on network TV. That gig led to writing jobs on MTV's upcoming series I Just Want My Pants Back.

Now the scribes (Verve, Management 360, Industry) are returning to their Facebook roots, adapting The Future of Us, a social media-centered drama being made by Warner Bros. and Di Novi Pictures.

The story of a young woman who logs onto the Internet in 1996 and discovers her Facebook profile from 15 years in the future resonated with Aptaker and Berger, whose father was a head writer on Sesame Street.

Says Aptaker, "There's an authenticity and an immediacy that comes from writing about people our ages and the time of life that we're in."

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