Warner Bros. TV Group Acquires 'Gossip Girl' Producer Alloy Entertainment

Leslie Morgenstein, Executive Producer
AP Photo/Jennifer Graylock

The Alloy Entertainment chief executive has overseen the young adult books on which the series is based.

Alloy topper Leslie Morgenstein will stay on to lead the company within the WBTVG fold.

Warner Bros. Television Group has acquired Alloy Entertainment, producer of The CW network's No. 1-rated scripted series The Vampire Diaries.

Under the deal with investor group led by ZelnickMedia, Alloy Entertainment topper Leslie Morgenstein will stay on to run the company within the WBTVG fold.

"The Warner Bros. Television Group and Alloy have enjoyed consistent success together on a number of terrific projects over the last decade,” said WBTVG president Bruce Rosenblum. “Alloy Entertainment’s creative and talented team of executives have a unique ability to tap into a young female audience and create content that resonates across multiple platforms. By having them join us as part of our Television Group, we are giving Peter Roth and his team, as well as the other producers of content across our company, the exclusive ability to tap into Alloy Entertainment’s wellspring of proven literary creativity.”         

The move brings Alloy deeper into the WBTVG fold, where its series -- including Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and the upcoming ABC drama 666 Park Avenue -- are produced.

“We are pleased to announce a transaction that will deliver significant value to WBTVG and allow Alloy Entertainment to continue to realize its potential as a leading entertainment content provider,” ZelnickMedia co-founder Strauss Zelnick said.