Warner Bros. Will Pay Crew for Canceled 'Two and a Half Men' Episodes

Greg Gayne/Warner Bros.

The CBS show was pulled for the season last week following Charlie Sheen's controversial radio interview.

Warner Bros. has confirmed that they will pay the crew for the remaining four episodes they would have worked on The Two and a Half Men set. 

The programs were scheduled to begin shooting this week. But CBS and Warner Bros. pulled the plug on the remainder of the season last week, following star Charlie Sheen's rants on a radio program last week.

Since then the fate of the crew's payment has been a subject of heated debate and much discussion.

When Sheen originally went into rehab earlier in the month, causing a temporary stop in production, the actor claimed he was willing to cover 1/3 of the salaries for the crew for missing time. But that discussion stopped following the program’s cancellation for the season last week.