Warner goes three-for-one with DVDs


While much has been written about the greater capacity of next-generation optical disc formats, Warner Home Video is pushing the proverbial envelope with standard DVD.

The studio Wednesday announced a new line of "triple feature" DVDs in which classics from the expansive Warner library will be bundled, three to a disc.

A total of 57 films will be released Tuesday on 19 DVDs, priced at $14.98 each. The highlight: 12 classic Westerns, six starring John Wayne and six featuring Randolph Scott. The two Wayne triple features are "The Telegraph Trail"/"Somewhere in Sonora"/"The Man from Monterey" and "The Big Stampede"/"Ride Him Cowboy"/"Haunted Gold." The Scott triplets are "Colt 45"/"Forth Worth"/"Tall Man Riding" and "The Man Behind the Gun"/"Thunder Over the Plains"/"Riding Shotgun."

Other triple-feature DVDs include "National Velvet"/"The Story of Seabiscuit"/"Black Beauty" and the "Free Willy" and "It's Alive" trilogies, as well as films from the "Lethal Weapon" series.

Future waves of triple-feature DVDs may be announced later.