Warner Horizon teams with Talpa

Warner Bros unit joins De Mol for reality, games

Warner Horizon has just expanded its own, as it were.

The nonscripted and cable unit of Warner Bros TV is teaming with Holland's Talpa Media to develop series for the American market based on the latter's formats.

Talpa is owned by Dutch uber-producer John De Mol, the "Mol" in the Continent's best-known reality producer Endemol, who several years ago exited to set up his own shop.

Under terms of the agreement Stateside, Warner Horizon TV will have exclusive rights to develop and produce shows, jointly with Talpa, for cable and broadcast in the U.S. based on reality and game formats which have already been telecast in the Netherlands.

Warner Bros. Television under Peter Roth has for several years been looking to lock up key talent relationships in the reality sphere similar to those it has established with drama and comedy producers.

For Talpa, the arrangement gives the Dutch-based producer entree into a major new marketplace for its programs and the support and expertise of a key local player in it.

Current formats in Talpa's collection include "The Golden Cage," "Viper's Nest" and "Pretty Smart."

In a similar move in France, Talpa recently partnered with Elisabeth Murdoch's Shine to exploit its formats and finished product in the Gallic market.

Warner Horizon TV produces the "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" franchises as well as "High School Reunion."

It is unclear if any money changed hands in the deal or what the split in profits would be from eventual broadcast fees.