Warner Independent: Facing the competition


In its first full year under new president Polly Cohen, Warner Independent Pictures faced a crowded indie marketplace where it found establishing its footing difficult. "The Painted Veil," a late 2006 release starring Edward Norton, grossed most of its $8.1 million during the past year, overshadowing the company's 2007 releases. While Tommy Lee Jones earned critical praise for his portrait of a haunted dad investigating the death of his home-from-Iraq son in Paul Haggis' "In the Valley of Elah," the film, like most of the fall's other issue movies, found few takers, grossing just $6.8 million. Similarly, the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced documentary "The 11th Hour" was primed to follow in the footsteps of "An Inconvenient Truth" but mustered up just $700,000.

Warner Independent 2007 boxofficeRelease dateBoxoffice
Introducing the Dwights7/4 0.4
The 11th Hour8/17     0.7
The December Boys9/14    0.05
In the Valley of Elah9/14      6.8
Darfur Now11/2    0.1
For Your Consideration11/17/06     0.2
The Painted Veil12/20/067.4
2007 total: $15.5 mil