Warner Music France opens 'artist box'


PARIS -- Warner Music France has launched a new physical format, the "artist box," which bundles a CD with memorabilia such as caps, bracelets and photos.

"We remain convinced that a large share of the audience also likes to own objects belonging to their artist's universe," said Emmanuel Mougin-Pivert, GM of Warner Music France 360-degree division.

The first two artist boxes were Dec. 10 releases from hot newcomer Christophe Mae and veteran artist Franck Michael.

The company said it shipped 5,000 and 3,000 copies of each artist box, respectively, which sell for 35 euros ($50). A Warner Music France spokeswoman said the company has since shipped new copies of the boxes.

Warner France on Wednesday will release a Sheila box, which Billboard understands will sell for about 60 euros ($87).