Warner Music is new 'Blood' in film distrib'n


LONDON -- Nascent music and DVD label Warner Music Entertainment stepped into the crowded U.K. theatrical distribution ring Thursday, announcing plans to roll out the boxing documentary "Blue Blood" in theaters.

WME is the newly launched video content division created through Warner Music's recent acquisition of the Rights Co. and the merger of Warner Vision and Warner Music International's existing DVD distribution unit.

The newly formed unit is making its first theatrical outing with "Blood," which revolves around five Oxford students who join the amateur boxing club and train with their blue-collar coach to fight Cambridge University in the annual Oxford vs. Cambridge varsity boxing match.

The gloves will come off the movie in May this year in major cities across the U.K., including the capital and the two university towns. A DVD release is planned for later this year.

The documentary was made by Sylabik Films in association with Delirio Films and was written and directed by Stevan Riley.

Produced by Rafael Marmor and Riley, the feature docu is executive produced by Rafael Marmor and Nick Fraser.

Perhaps unsurprising for a docu released by a music company, the soundtrack includes an original score by Itamar Ziegler and features tracks from artists such as Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Beastie Boys, Faithless, Moby and Metallica.

WME is headed by president Conrad Withey.