Warner Music U.K. Launches Creative Content Division The Firepit

Ben Watts
Ed Sheeran is among Warner Music's artists.

It will produce short- and long-form visual content, support brand partnerships and incubate emerging technologies.

Warner Music U.K. on Wednesday launched The Firepit, a creative content division, "innovation center" and recording studio supporting the music giant’s artists, labels and partners, based at its London headquarters.

The move is part of the company's push beyond traditional music formats and offerings.

"In addition to producing short- and long-form visual content, supporting brand partnerships and recording music, The Firepit will incubate emerging technologies for Warner Music’s family of labels, helping them to create fresh, original and inventive campaigns as well as developing new commercial opportunities for their content," the music major said.

Warner Music said that it already has a range of projects in development, including online and TV formats, live and campaign content and feature-length projects, as well as digital creative and artist specials.

"The Firepit grew from our commitment to telling our artists’ stories in the most vivid, compelling and powerful ways possible," said Max Lousada, chairman and CEO of Warner Music U.K. "It’s not enough for people to simply hear our artists’ music or see the content they create, we want them to really listen; to watch, to engage, to react and to connect. Placing the creative process at the heart of the organization will give us a dynamic space in which we can pioneer rich, immersive experiences for fans and unlock new promotional and commercial opportunities for our artists."

The Firepit’s production arm and creative content agency will be headed up by vp content Stefan Demetriou. He has led campaigns for such artists as Coldplay, Kylie Minogue and Muse and produced a 4K Ed Sheeran concert film for NBC, Sky Arts, LG TV and theatrical distribution worldwide. Working closely with him as head of development will be Matt Cook, formerly of MTV Networks.

Along with Demetriou, production studio manager Trish McGregor will run a team of filmmakers and content creators. She was previously studio manager at Abbey Road Interactive.