Warner/Chappell, Microsoft link up


NEW YORK -- Warner/Chappell Music said Wednesday that it has landed a worldwide administration deal with Microsoft.

In a first-of-its-kind deal for Microsoft, Warner/Chappell will administer several thousand compositions owned and controlled by the software company. They include songs used for video games published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox and Xbox 360.

Under the deal, Warner/Chappell will register Microsoft-owned copyrights in all territories worldwide, as well as identify and develop new synchronization, performance and other music publishing opportunities for the Microsoft music publishing catalogs.

"We're confident we can develop and identify some exciting and unique new licensing opportunities for these well-known game compositions," said Ed Pierson, executive vp legal and business affairs at Warner/Chappell.

"We have developed a large library of video game music and are excited to make it available for placement beyond games," said Ed Ventura, senior director of Microsoft's franchise development group in the interactive entertainment division. "By partnering with Warner/Chappell, we can continue to extend the value and experiences for our music and also inspire and give further recognition to the composers who are dedicated to working on video games."