WarnerMedia Int'l Rounds Out Leadership, Brings Together Units as "One Team" (Exclusive)

Gerhard Zeiler
WarnerMedia International

Gerhard Zeiler

"HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. working together as one WarnerMedia team means that we are bringing together what belongs together," says Gerhard Zeiler, head of WarnerMedia International.

Gerhard Zeiler, head of international at WarnerMedia, has moved to make good on a promise to integrate the entertainment company's businesses outside the U.S. and bring them together as "One WarnerMedia International," rounding out his leadership team on Thursday.

Consistent with WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar’s vision, the new leadership and organizational structure was set up "with an eye to the future and our need to respond to changing consumer habits," Zeiler said in a memo obtained by THR. "HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. working together as one WarnerMedia team means that we are bringing together what belongs together. Now we can move forward as one team, act as one team, and win as one team!"

The memo emphasized that it was "important that the new WarnerMedia International works closely with other parts of WarnerMedia – a key goal of Jason’s recent reorganization was to reduce silos and foster collaboration across the company.”

Zeiler also explained: "Going forward, most territories will be part of a country management-led organization and we will also have strong functional leaders in certain areas. By leaning into a geographically-focused structure, we’ll be able to more effectively benefit from the scale of our local activities to optimize our growth, serve consumers more effectively and build stronger relationships with our various local partners, such as theatrical exhibitors, distributors and broadcasters. In other words: together we will be stronger."

WarnerMedia's international executive reshuffle sees Adam Presser, who has worked for many years in Warner Bros.’ international operations from Burbank, is taking on responsibility for the AT&T unit’s businesses in China, Australia and New Zealand. Presser will also "act as liaison officer to the Studios & Network and Commercial organizations in the U.S., representing WarnerMedia International in various interactions."

Presser previously served as senior vp of international at Warner Bros. Entertainment, working with country managers in key international territories and divisional leaders in Burbank to help grow the cross-divisional businesses internationally. He was also responsible for identifying and driving strategic initiatives across the international marketplace.

As previously announced, the new WarnerMedia International leadership also includes Whit Richardson, who leads the networks businesses in Latin America, and Priya Dogra, who oversees the networks businesses in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, except for China. Both are now adding the Warner Bros. activities in their regions to their remit, it was announced on Thursday.

Like Presser, two other executives from Warner Bros. are also joining the WarnerMedia International leadership team. Robert Blair will continue to lead the international TV licensing and distribution business, while Ronald Goes will continue to lead the Warner Bros. International TV production arm.

"Each of Adam, Priya and Whit will follow up later today with information about their leadership structures," Zeiler said in his memo. "I am truly excited about the future for our company and our International division."