Warners' Ferrari to lead ANICA


ROME -- Warner Bros. Italia head Paolo Ferrari has signed up for a three-year term as president of Italy's most important film producers' association, giving the beleaguered group a boost as it comes under investigation for corruption.

It was revealed last week that ANICA, the 63-year-old cinema, audiovisual, and multimedia association, is under investigation by Italy's Guardia di Finanza financial police for alleged corruption including cronyism and misappropriation of funds dating back to 2005.

The appointment of the well-respected Ferrari as ANICA's president is likely to be a boost to the organization as it seeks to confront the charges against it, while helping the Italian film industry maintain the momentum it has established over the last two years.

"This is an important time for ANICA, which must continue its role not only as a liaison between the government and film industry but also between the various sectors of the industry," Ferrari said in a statement. "My intention is to continue to reinforce these roles."

Ferrari replaces Riccardo Tozzi, head of Rome's Cattleya Studios, an enthusiastic supporter of Italian film, who served his complete term at ANICA's helm.