Warners goes to space with Imax pic


TORONTO -- Giant-screen exhibitor Imax is partnering with Warner Bros. to make a film about NASA's Hubble space telescope.

Toronto-based Imax said it will join with Warners and NASA to present new footage captured by the Hubble as it orbits the Earth and takes images of the cosmos.

The 3-D film, scheduled for a 2010 release on Imax screens, represents the first space film for Warners. The studio has partnered with Imax on about 20 films, most of which were digitally remastered versions of traditional 35mm Warners movies.

Imax's last space film was the Tom Cruise-narrated "Space Station 3D," which has brought in about $100 million in worldwide boxoffice since its 2001 release.

The team behind "Space Station 3D" is regrouping for the Hubble 3-D film, including producers Toni Myers and Graeme Ferguson.