Warners using HP for storage


Warner Bros. Entertainment has deployed Hewlett-Packard's media storage technology to develop a 4K high-resolution digital environment for the postproduction of new films as well as the restoration of older titles.

With 6,500 movies and tens of thousands of TV and animated titles in its library, the studio is building an infrastructure that uses HP Media Storage in such tasks as dailies, 4K digital intermediate, color correction, mastering for cinema as well as creating multiformat deliverables. Warners' Motion Picture Imaging unit is working on several 4K restoration projects, including the Dirty Harry films "Magnum Force" and "Sudden Impact."

"HP studied our postproduction processes and worked with us to deliver a flexible storage solution that supports our directors' creative needs and allows us to work at the quality we consider essential," said Chris Cookson, president of Warner Bros. Technical Operations and chief technology officer of Warner Bros. Entertainment. "Working in 4K generates enormous amounts of data, and HP has made storing and retrieving that data effortless while helping to streamline the postproduction process. The bottom line is we can now meet the creative needs of filmmakers as well as the image quality demands we have as a studio. HP has helped us make that possible."

Chuck Dages, executive vp emerging technologies at Warner Bros. Technical Operations, said the system offers about 500TB of storage. "We will continue to expand the amount of storage that we need," he said.