Warp X, Birds Eye View team for comedy

'Last Laugh' to nurture female-led comedy feature films

LONDON -- Low-budget U.K. filmmaking powerhouse Warp X has pacted with Birds Eye View, an organization established to celebrate the talents and achievements of international female filmmakers to promote female-penned comedies.

The plan to bring female-led comedy features to the big screen is supported by government-backed training agency Skillset. Warp X is backed by Film4, U.K. Film Council, EM Media, Screen Yorkshire and Optimum Releasing.

Drawing from talent across different disciplines including radio, television, theater and stand-up, Warp X and Birds Eye View will select as many as 15 outstanding British comedians to take part in the plan, dubbed "Last Laugh: Women Create Comedy."

Open to women with experience in the comedy field, Warp X and Birds Eye View aim "to equip female comedy creatives with the skills, confidence, contacts and support they need to make high-quality, fresh and funny feature films."

Participants will have the opportunity to pitch film ideas to Warp X for inclusion on its development slate, and individual projects and creative teams will be selected for development support with the intention that the films will go into production beginning in 2010.