Warren Beatty Would Want Ronald Reagan to Play Him in a Biopic

Warren Beatty GETTY - H 2016
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And a few other things THR learned from the legendary actor's Reddit AMA.

Warren Beatty has a lot of credits (acting or otherwise) to his name — Oscar winner, political activist, Carly Simon muse — but the title he seems to like best is husband.

While promoting his new movie Rules Don't Apply, the actor took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, where he told one user, "The best thing that ever happened to me is Annette Bening."

Bening stars with Beatty in Rules Don't Apply, which sees the Bonnie and Clyde actor taking on the role of Howard Hughes as he subjects his employees — a young actress (Lily Collins) and her driver (Alden Ehrenreich) — to his outlandish behavior.

Matthew Broderick, Oliver Platt, Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen and Ed Harris also star in the Old Hollywood tale, which will be opening this year's AFI Fest.

From autobiographies to Donald Trump, here are a few more things the actor addressed during his AMA.

If a movie were made about Warren Beatty, he would want to be played by Ronald Reagan.

When asked who should play him in a biopic about his own life, Beatty responded: "Ronald Reagan. Or maybe Barack Obama. I might add that Ronald Reagan, who was a friend of mine, once said to me (not joking) that he did not know how anyone could be president now without being an actor."

He doesn't promote comparisons with Donald Trump and his one-time character Senator Bulworth.

In the political comedy Bulworth, Beatty plays a politician who perennially puts his foot in his mouth. But when asked if he sees any resemblance between the GOP presidential nominee and the fictional senator, he offered: "What Jay Bulworth is saying is very, very different from that which Mr. Trump is saying." 

Beatty, a longtime Democrat, worries that this election cycle is obliterating "voices of wisdom."

"I’ve spent a lot of my life in political activism. I campaigned for Jack Kennedy, I campaigned with Bobby Kennedy and quit movies for a while to work with George McGovern and help him try to get us out of Vietnam," Beatty said when asked about what he thinks of the current election. "What concerns me most at the moment is that the commercialization of the use of technology may be creating a cacophony of opinions that obliterates voices of wisdom."

His favorite memory of filming Ishtar involves camels.

"Standing holding two camels on a street in Marrakesh with Dustin Hoffman staring at one another," Beatty said when a user asked him his favorite moment from filming the comedy.

Is there an autobiography or a Dick Tracy reboot in his future?

Beatty said "yes" to both.