Warren Spector to give GDC Keynote

Disney Interactive creative director to address games confab

COLOGNE, Germany -- Warren Spector, creative director at Disney-owned games developer Junction Point Studios, will discuss the crossover between video games and traditional media at a keynote at this year's Games Development Conference Europe in Cologne.

Creative cross-fertilization between games and film has become commonplace as the production costs of big game titles have come to rivals that of Hollywood blockbusters.

Spector will focus on what techniques games developers can and should learn from film, television and radio production and where game makers should break off on their own.

At Juction Point Spector is currently developing "Epic Mickey," based on Disney's iconic mouse, for Nitendo's Wii console with a launch planned for the holiday season.

The GDC Europe runs August 16-18, ahead of Gamescom (Aug. 18-22), the largest gaming industry trade fair in Europe.
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