Hugh Jackman's WWE Jaw-Breaking Punch May Have Been Fake (Video)

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Wrestler Dolph Ziggler tweeted that his mandible was fractured after the actor hit im on Monday Night Raw, but some say it was all a stunt.

Hugh Jackman made a special appearance on Monday night's WWE Raw to promote his upcoming boxing film Real Steel

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The actor, who has playing beefed-up character Wolverine in Marvel's X-Men films since 2000, got into a row with notoriously antagonistic wrestler Dolph Ziggler, who insulted Jackman by calling him the wrong superhero name: Batman. 

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While this back-and-forth was surely staged, as WWE match-ups are, when Jackman delivered the planned punch, it may have achieved an unintentional result. 

"MRI scheduled for 1 pm.....possible fractured jaw #thanksBatman," Ziggler wrote from his HEELZiggler Twitter account Tuesday. He later seemed to confirm the injury, following up with, "hairline mandibular fracture" tweet. 

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But, some are claiming that the entire injury is a hoax. TMZ reports that sources close to the wrestler say the entire thing was made up, but that the WWE wasn't in on Ziggler's joke. 

Whether or not that's the case, Ziggler seems committed to maintaining the ruse. 

He continued his Tuesday injury tweets, saying "getting a special mouth guard tomorrow, so I will NOT miss any WWE live events!!! #HEEL" and also that he was "skipping gym, heading to ballpark to catch the diamondbacks game! icing my jaw with a few cold ultras #HEEL".  

Watch the knock-down here. 

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