Watch a Gunslinging Natalie Portman in the First 'Jane Got a Gun' Trailer

Courtesy of 1821 Pictures
'Jane Got a Gun'

The period drama is due in February 2016.

The first trailer for Jane Got a Gun sees Natalie Portman doing everything she can to keep her daughter safe. This includes enlisting the help of ex-fiance Joel Edgerton, procuring an armada's worth of firearms and learning to use said armada's worth of firearms.

"Where is my daughter?" demands Jane, gun cocked and pointed at the camera.

Jane Got a Gun follows the story of Jane Hammond (Portman), who is tasked with keeping her family out of harm's way after her husband has an unfortunate run-in with the Bishop Boys, headed by a mustachioed Ewan McGregor.

From the beginning, the period drama's production was fraught with issues.

Director Lynne Ramsay abandoned the project just days before shooting began, and, after shooting was completed, the film's distribution company, Relativity Media, filed for bankruptcy, handing the rights back over to the filmmakers. Gavin O’Connor took over directorial duties, and The Weinstein Co. picked up the distribution rights.

Following these setbacks, the production of Jane Got a Gun proved to be just as tenacious as Jane herself.

Jane Got a Gun is due out in February 2016.

Watch the trailer below.