Watch Adele Photobomb Fans in 'Live in London' Concert Special

Adele Photobomb H - 2016

The singer and host Graham Norton took unsuspecting fans by surprise when they crashed a staged photo op in a clip released from Adele's BBC special.

It's no secret that Adele has a knack for pranking.

Last year, the chart-topping singer fooled Adele impersonators by disguising herself with prosthetics for her BBC special Adele at the BBC, and now, she's at it again. In a clip released from her upcoming concert special Adele: Live in London, the artist and host Graham Norton photobomb fans who think they were given a photo op to pose with the Oscar statuette Adele won for "Skyfall."

"Who'd want to ruin a moment like that?" Norton jokes in the video, before it cuts to the two of them posing behind unsuspecting fans with signs (one reads "I hate Adele"), miniature air guitars and more props.

Screams ensue when Adele finally reveals herself to her fans.

Adele: Live in London premieres on Feb. 14 on BBC America. Watch the clip below.