Watch Alfred Molina Try to Ruin Christmas in Disney XD Holiday Special

The Doctor Octopus actor adds to the list of villainous characters on his résumé with 'Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero,' airing on Friday night

Following the theatrical success of Big Hero 6, Disney is bringing the superhero comedy genre to the small screen with the launch of a new, animated adventure series titled Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, debuting in early 2015.

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The series follows Penn Zero (Thomas Middleditch), a regular boy from the suburbs who works as a part-time hero after school with best friends Sashi (Tania Gunadi) and Boone (Adam DeVine), who serve as an overqualified part-time sidekick and underqualified part-time wise man, respectively. In each episode, Penn is zapped to another dimension to fill in for a hero in need and repeatedly battles evil part-time villain Rippen (Alfred Molina) and his part-time minion Larry (Larry Wilmore).

On Friday night, Disney will be airing “North Pole Down,” a half-hour holiday special that will serve as the series preview. In the special, which features a guest appearance by Henry Winkler, Penn is feeling down about his first Christmas without his parents until he is zapped to the North Pole to fill in for Santa Claus and save Christmas.

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In the exclusive clip above, Rippen oversees the manufacturing of candy weapons by a team of militarized gingerbread men while a gingerbread version of Larry struggles not to eat himself.

The series, produced by Disney Television Animation, is created and executive produced by Jared Bush and Sam Levine and rounds out its voice cast with the recurring talents of Lea Thompson as Vonnie, Gary Cole as Brock, Rosie Perez as Aunt Rose, Lenny Venito (The Neighbors) as Uncle Chuck and Levine as Phyllis and Phil (he also serves as a writer for the show).

“North Pole Down” airs at 7 p.m. on Friday on Disney XD.