Watch Anderson Cooper Get Pranked and Giggle Defensively

Anderson Cooper Ridiculist - H 2014

Anderson Cooper Ridiculist - H 2014

"Oh really? This is what the Ridiculist is about tonight?"

There are few things in life more joyful and silly than watching Anderson Cooper giggle. Except, of course, watching Cooper giggle as his coworkers prank him while he's filming his television segment "The Ridiculist."

When Cooper began Monday's episode of AC360, he was completely unaware he was about to be mocked on his own show. Apparently, the CNN host burns a basil-scented candle in his office that his coworkers think smells terrible. So terrible, they made multiple lists of what they think the candle smells like, including Mario Batali's Crocs.

Cooper is hilariously defensive about his "fancy basil-scented candle," which he thinks smells "lovely." His facial expressions and giggles are pretty priceless as he reads the teleprompter and reacts to the prank. 

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