Watch Andy Samberg, Kit Harington Get Served in '7 Days in Hell' Trailer

Courtesy of SXSW

What Jon Snow did next.

With the Wimbledon tennis championships only weeks away, Andy Samberg and Kit Harington's HBO mockumentary 7 Days of Hell serves up some appropriately timed absurdist humor, if the new trailer is any indication. 

In 7 Days, Samberg plays American tennis bad-boy Aaron Williams who's got a love of controversy, Jordache and tennis, in that order. Williams comes up against simpering English tennis prodigy Charles Poole, played by (the clean shaven!) Harington in the final of the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Williams and Poole then engage in the longest match in history, yes you've guessed it that goes on interminably for seven days. 

The mock-sports doc also features talking head interviews from tennis greats like Serena Williams and John McEnroe to add credence to the ridiculous action. 

7 Days also stars Michael Sheen, Lena Dunham, Will Forte, Fred Arminsen and Mary Steenburgen, and premieres July 11 on HBO.