Watch Andy Samberg List "Seven Words That Sound Dirty That You Can Say" in First Emmys Promo

Corkscrew, kumquat, shuttlecock and Dictaphone all made the list.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg is hosting the Emmys in September and took time to remind viewers of the seven dirty words that can't be said on television — and replaced them with seven words that "sound dirty."

"We've all heard of the seven dirty words you can't say on TV," Samberg says in the Fox promo. "But what about the seven words that sound dirty that you can say?"

He then proceeds to list the seven not-dirty-but-sound-dirty words: "I'm speaking of course of corkscrew, kumquat, shuttlecock, Dictaphone, annals and shan't, and you'll have to tune in September 20 for the last one," he says before jokingly mentioning "it's 'but' — that's the last one."

The 67th Emmy Awards air live Sept. 20 on Fox.