Watch Anna Wintour Give Comedy Pointers to Seth Meyers

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Anna Wintour

She's a woman of many talents.

Don't let Anna Wintour's perfectly polished, aloof exterior fool you. As Seth Meyers revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers Wednesday evening, she's not just the reigning ice queen of fashion — she's a "comedy icon," too. 

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Meyers and Wintour filmed a short clip for the show, in which the comedian (that is, Meyers, not Wintour) disclosed that all decisions made on Late Night were run past the Vogue editor-in-chief for approval, and in some cases, for her comedic touch. 

In an accompanying interview, Wintour, who has a close relationship with Meyers and has appeared on his show in the past, also discussed Monday night's Met Gala, including her invention of the "Chinese White Tie" dress code, her refusal to attend afterparties and her approval of Justin Bieber's Balmain jacket ("it's made of aged gold bullion thread, as it should be"). She also shared some of the perks of being the belle of the Met Ball, which apparently include the ability to pull some seating chart strings. Bradley Cooper and George Clooney sandwich anyone? 

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