Watch Aubrey Plaza's Sarcastic Cow-Milking Newcastle Ad

Aubrey Plaza Newcastle H 2014

Aubrey Plaza Newcastle H 2014

She's excited. Really.

Aubrey Plaza is super-enthused to be the paid spokeswoman for Newcastle's Band of Brands Super Bowl ad campaign. She might not sound pumped, but she is. Promise.

"I am excited, that's just my voice," says Plaza as she milks a cow. "It's permanently sarcastic."

Newcastle released a teaser for their ad campaign, which is aimed at crowdfunding a commercial to air during the Super Bowl. They are using Plaza's videos to draw companies to the project. Last year their Super Bowl ad that never made it to the Super Bowl starred Anna Kendrick talking about how she's not beer commercial hot

Watch the video below to learn that you should always tell Aubrey Plaza when a Scottish guy is around.