BBC News Video Interview Crashed by Guest's Children

The footage of a toddler and baby in stroller invading a serious news interview went viral on Friday morning.

The off-script and unexpected nature of children is something that has been capitalized on countless times in the entertainment industry. 

But the BBC likely wasn't anticipating the involvement of kids in a very serious item on its BBC World News service regarding the ouster of South Korean president Park Geun-hye. 

During a live interview with regional expert Robert Kelly on the situation, the Pusan National University professor was suddenly interrupted by his own children. First a toddler burst into the room, performing a dance behind the suited-up interviewee, followed shortly after by a baby in a stroller.

While Kelly attempted to keep his composure, the party was finally brought to a halt by a woman who grabbed the two gatecrashers and dragged them out. 

See the video — which The Hollywood Reporter has learned has had the BBC newsroom howling with laughter — below.