Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Go "Full" Otter As a Bewildered Johnny Depp Looks On

Benedict Cumberbatch Otter H 2015
YouTube screengrab

The Cumberbatch-as-otter meme just got a shot in the arm.

Walking Internet meme Benedict Cumberbatch just gave his fans more evidence (if any were needed) that he looks like an otter.

On an appearance on the BBC's The Graham Norton Show ostensibly to promote his new film Black Mass, Cumberbatch got a little sidetracked as host Graham Norton convinced the star to mimic more pictures of otters all while a bemused and thoroughly perturbed Johnny Depp looks on. 

Depp, who claimed to be unaware of the Cumberbatch-as-otter meme, joined in the surreal fun as he and Norton helped Cumberbatch pull off a particularly tricky three otter picture. 

Even the man who chillingly portrays Whitey Bulger has his limits though, as Depp kept a great distance for the final picture, that of Cumberbatch in the arms of a giant teddy bear. 

See the video below, it sort of makes a weird kind of sense.