Watch the Top 5 Celebrity Michael Caine Impressions

Michael Caine - H 2014
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Michael Caine - H 2014

Everybody wants to be Michael Caine

The only thing people enjoy more than impersonating Michael Caine is watching others expertly impersonate Michael Caine. Many actors have tried their hand at imitating Mr. Caine — even Tom Hanks — and we greatly appreciate them doing so. Most recently, Benedict Cumberbatch got in on the fun, so it inspired us to collect our five favorite celebrity Caine impressions. Enjoy.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch: BC does a great Caine impression (0:40 mark), but he has stiff competition with his fellow contenders. If this was an Alan Rickman impression-off, he would have it in the bag.

4. Kevin Spacey: Spacey is jaw-droppingly amazing with his impressions, and at the 3:33 mark below you can see how he tackles Caine nicely, particularly on the word "chair." Just before that is Jimmy Fallon's terrible Caine impersonation if you're curious.

3. Rob Brydon and 2. Steve Coogan: In The Trip we get two Caine impressions for the price of one as Coogan and Brydon compete over who can do a better impersonation. We have to admit Coogan has a slight edge on Brydon in this round. Sorry Brydon.

1. Michael Caine: Yup. Even the actor himself has a Michael Caine impression he can whip out as he impersonates those who impersonate him. Super meta and hilarious — hats off to you Mr. Caine.

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