Watch Bob Saget, Michael Rapaport in 'A Stand Up Guy' Trailer

The film tells the story of a low-level mobster who attempts to disappear in the Witness Protection Program — only to gain Internet fame when a video of him goes viral.

A note to those in the Witness Protection Program: Don't do anything that could inspire a viral video.

In A Stand Up Guy's first official trailer, released Tuesday, audiences watch a low-level mobster attempt to disappear through the Witness Protection Program — only to later become the star of a viral video when he punches a man during his open-mic set. His attempt to remain unknown is compromised when the mob he tried to hide from searches for him.

Danny A. Abeckaser, Michael Rapaport and Bob Saget star in the 2B Films comedic movie.

A Stand Up Guy was written and directed by Mike Young and produced by Abeckaser, Ilan Arboleda and Vince P. Maggio.

Watch the trailer below.