Watch Bryan Cranston, 'Star Wars' and 'Empire' Stars Recite Their Favorite Movie Lines

As part of THR's "Hollywood's 100 Favorite Movie Quotes" survey, several stars re-enacted their favorite moments from film history.

When it comes to a favorite movie line, Bryan Cranston recites "I could've been a contender" from On the Waterfront while Empire's Bryshere Y. Gray loves "I'm the Terminator."

As part of The Hollywood Reporter's 100 Favorite Movie Quotes, stars re-enacted memorable movie lines that have made the world laugh and cry from Tessa Thompson's Rocky pick to Salma Hayek saying "Hasta la vista, baby."   

Watch the celebrity re-enactments above and check out THR's list of Hollywood's top 100 movie quotes here along with Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films, and Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV shows.