Watch Burt Reynolds Play an Aging Thespian in 'Last Movie Star' Trailer

Burt Reynolds

In the upcoming A24 title, the 'Boogie Nights' actor plays a former stuntman and movie star who takes up an invitation to be feted at an amateur film festival.

Burt Reynolds is making another Hollywood comeback — not, this time, by playing a porn director, coach or politician, but by performing a meta role as an aging former movie icon.

In the new trailer for the upcoming A24/DirecTV title The Last Movie Star (see below), Reynolds' character Vic Edwards, a former stuntman and movie star, travels to the "International Nashville Film Festival" to receive a career achievement award. Once in Tennessee, however, Reynolds' character realizes the "festival" is a bunch of disorganized but diehard young fans celebrating his career in a bar, not the tony Hollywood affair he was expecting.

"Why the hell are you even here?" one of the organizers, Lil (Ariel Winter), asks. 

"Because Clint [Eastwood] and Jack [Nicholson] and Bobby De Niro all won," Edwards responds.

"You are the only one stupid enough to show up," Lil says.

As seen in the trailer, Edwards ends up embracing the opportunity to revisit past roles with his young acolytes and his hometown of Knoxville in the process. In one Q&A session, the moderator (Clark Duke) says that Edwards was "the No. 1 box office star for five years in a row." Reynolds corrects him: "Six," he says.

The Last Movie Star, which premiered domestically last year at the Tribeca Film Festival, was written and directed by Adam Rifkin (Underdog) and produced by The Whitener Company and Broken Twig Productions.

The Last Movie Star hits theaters March 30 and will be available on DirecTV on Feb. 22.