Watch Carnival Cruise Super Bowl Ad Parody "Sea You in Hell"

"I don't know what it is that makes us want to go on a cruise."

Carnival Corporation's Super Bowl ad featuring President John F. Kennedy's voice has inspired many different kinds of reactions. Creationists were angry at what they thought was a pro-evolution stance taken by Carnival, environmentalists discussed the cruise line's impact on ocean pollution and some JFK fans were offended at the use of his 1962 speech.

Digital studio Portal A took a distinct approach, creating a parody video called "Sea You in Hell," addressing the "joy" of being on a cruise.

"I don't know what it is that makes us want to go on a cruise," the voiceover says, "to trap ourselves with 1,000 other doomed souls." The video spoofs cruises and the people who go on them, ending with a terrifying realization: "We're inside a floating prison and we paid to be here."

"We make content for brands, but we also like to have some fun with the advertising industry," Portal A partner and executive producer Nate Houghteling tells THR in an email. "This past Super Bowl was a big year for sentimental spots, and some companies went a little overboard."

Here's a look at the original Super Bowl ad: