Casey Affleck, Stephen Colbert Spar Awkwardly in Tense 'Late Show' Interview (Video)

Casey Affleck 'Late Show' Screengrab H 2016
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"You really look like a street corner Jesus."

Talk about awkward. 

Casey Affleck's Monday night appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert didn't exactly go smoothly, as the Triple 9 star got into a tense verbal sparring match almost as soon as he sat down. Hoping to playfully rib Affleck for his casual appearance, host Stephen Colbert made light of the actor not making an effort for the show, at one point calling him a "street corner Jesus."

Affleck, however, took the jokes the wrong way and things never really recovered. Therein followed attempts by Colbert to bring the actor back onside with humor, but Affleck would either butt in before the punchlines or the jokes landed flat. Colbert even joked that the tension would lead to a fistfight, but at first Affleck thought he was being serious. 

There were two particularly excruciating — when Colbert admitted he had only seen an hour and 10 minutes of Triple 9, the action thriller Affleck had come on to promote, as he had to stop and help his kids with a science project, and when he asked if Affleck had any other brothers and sisters apart from the "one that I know of."

The interview did end on a more positive note as Affleck talked about gun training with Nerf blasters and how he "also does science experiments" with his kids. 

See the tense interview below.