Chris Pratt Proves He Can Do "Real Magic" on 'The Graham Norton Show'

Screengrab/BBC America
Chris Pratt

"You have to be very careful practicing in the dark arts," the 'Passengers' star warned.

Passengers' Chris Pratt is a "real" magician. 

Pratt, appearing on The Graham Norton Show with, Jamie Oliver and co-star Jennifer Lawrence, was asked about his history with magic, with host Graham Norton bringing out a deck of cards and asking, "You are a magician?" 

"Like I know real magic? Yes," Pratt said confidently. The actor admitted that it had been a while, but he felt he could successfully perform a trick for 

"You have to be very careful practicing in the dark arts," Pratt joked. "This is a whole new deck, I haven't seen this deck, you haven't shown me this deck. … Captivated yet?" 

"This is awesome, I'm doing a card trick for, I love my life," he said, introducing a trick he called "Burn 'Em," which works "50 percent of the time."

After a long but exciting performance, Pratt presented the card, impressing even skeptic Lawrence. 

The full episode will air Dec. 10 on BBC America.

Watch the video below. 

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