Watch Clips of Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Drunk History' Episode

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Comedy Central

Drunk off of Tennessee whiskey, Miranda explained some of the more noteworthy moments of Alexander Hamilton’s life on the Comedy Central series.

So much for that Hamilton boycott. The Broadway show continues to break records since calling out Vice President-elect Mike Pence, and though creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is no longer in the cast, he's continued to rep its message as its titular Founding Father.

It was announced at July's Comic Con that he’d be narrating an Alexander Hamilton-themed segment in the new season of Drunk History, and the episode finally premiered Tuesday night.

Drunk off of Tennessee whiskey, Miranda explained some of the more noteworthy moments of Hamilton’s life — how he teamed up with George Washington during the Revolutionary War, an affair that threatened his public reputation, and other historical tidbits. 

Pitchfork points out that Dave Grohl made an appearance, as does Questlove, who interrupts Miranda’s narration at one point for a FaceTime chat. Aubrey Plaza, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale and David Wain also appear.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Drunk History creator Derek Waters about what it was like to work with Miranda on the star-studded episode. "I had heard that he liked the show," said Waters of Miranda. "I had heard that he was writing Hamilton when he saw our first story ever of Hamilton [on Drunk History]. He liked it and always wanted to do it. I reached out to him and we had a nice conversation over the phone about what would be different about the musical than what would be in this and why we would do a story we've already done. That's why his episode is just one story."

A Comedy Central subscription or cable provider login is needed to watch the whole episode online. Here are a couple drunken clips below:

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