Watch: Dana Carvey Impersonate The Beatles Talking About Kanye West (Video)

"Well, what does he do? Does he sort of just hum along?"

While being interviewed for The Hollywood Reporter's Saturday Night Live reunion issue, Dana Carvey busted out an impression of John Lennon talking to Paul McCartney about his recent collaborations with Kanye West.

West recently released "Only One", which features McCartney, and the unlikely musical duo has plans to continue the partnership.

Carvey's confused Lennon asks "Well, what does he do? Does he sort of just hum along?" After which Carvey goes on to create a dialogue between the former Beatles, where McCartney has to explain the concept of auto-tuning to Lennon.  

During Carvey's bit, fellow former SNL castmember Bill Hader could not keep it together. Said Carvey to the laughing Hader: "You're the best audience."