Watch David Beckham Scale Buildings in Bodywear for H&M (Video)

David Beckham H&M Video - H 2014

David Beckham H&M Video - H 2014

H&M reveals behind-the-scenes footage of the soccer star's upcoming Super Bowl ad.

So what will it be: #Covered or #Uncovered? Such an important David Beckham decision requires a deeper look.

H&M previously announced that fans can choose which ad for Beckham's Bodywear will air during the Super Bowl, and that viewers will be able to purchase the collection directly from Samsung Smart TVs during the game.

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The brand uploaded a behind-the-scenes short on Thursday, with Beckham running barefoot, leaping from buildings and performing other stunts while dressed in barely-there bodywear.

"He's a magnet -- you very much move toward him," says director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives) of Beckham in the short. "I needed to have David do all his own stunts. It always had to be David, even if it meant running on roofs, or jumping or climbing hundreds of feet up in the air."

Watch the video below:

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